Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

The Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences offers its students a chance to join various student societies.

There are seven student societies at the Faculty:

The aims of student societies are:

  • to develop student interest pertaining to issues raised by study programmes,
  • to develop organisational skills, creative group work, and to create an effective team,
  • to shape positive features of student personality, analytical thinking and critical analysis,
  • to strengthen academic ties via cooperation with student associations operating at other faculties,
  • to establish relations and cooperate with social organisations,
  • to organise meetings, courses, workshops, and trainings aiming at acquiring new skills and giving a competitive advantage to members of the societies on the contemporary job market,
  • to participate in domestic and international conferences,
  • to promote the Faculty and University,
  • to offer factual knowledge and organisational support to undertakings initiated by the Faculty and Departments.